guitar pick holder

the knoob

Keep your picks handy while keeping your guitar clean and uncluttered.

“knoob” – the abstract of a brand

Throughout our development, one question everyone asks is, “What’s up with the name?” Well, I’m happy to give the rationale behind the brand.

Besides being funny to say, the use of the word “newb” always struck me as ironic. Either as a good-natured jab or full throttled insult, we all know “newb” means someone who is a little too new to something to be proficient. And, while that has its own accepted meaning, it completely overlooks that human life is nothing if not a journey of discovery and discovery is the act of constantly renewing one’s perspective and experience. Whether it’s knowledge, a skill or even just having a good time, we are constantly looking for something new. That’s how we grow and improve so this pursuit of being new isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s hard-wired in our DNA.

Guitarists are more conscious of this than the average crowd. The act of discovery is why we spend countless hours learning chords, scales, riffs and songs. No matter if you’re a 3-chord strummer, seasoned pro or are holding your first guitar in your hands, you are constantly and deliberately pushing your boundaries. We celebrate that and want a brand that reflects that eternal pursuit.
BTW, the silent “k” is intentional in the spelling because, like so much of life, the unspoken elements matter just as much as those pronounced. And, well, it just makes it funnier to say.

The silhouette of the player is easier to explain. Intentionally as nondescript as possible, it is an image that represents the immutable and eternal effort players put into their craft.